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              1. Brief introduction
              This factory mainly produces west kitchen equipments. The series we made are: grill series, fryer series, Barbecue oven series, warming cabinet series, snack series, counter top combination oven series, luxury combination oven series and so on. Crepe maker of DE series applies in hotel, drinkery and barbecue shop. This product is a good equipment to attract buyers and improve economic benefit.
              This product is elaborately researched and made by the technicians in our factory, who employ the merits of this kind of foreign and domestic products. It has the advantages of attractive appearance, novel structure, small volume, light weight, convenient operation, heat up quickly and even. Also, its material is stainless steel and the bottom of the product has warming cupboard.
              Before opening it, please read this instruction book carefully to use it correctly.
              uThis product must be grounding for safety before use.
              uNot use the spray pipe to clean it.
              2. Basic Parameters
              ModelVoltage(v)Frequency(Hz)Power(W)Outer packaging size(mm)1220V50Hz2700W450X485X240
              2. Use Environment
              The temperature of environment should be not more than 50℃.
              3. Installation & Operation
              a)When install and repair it, you should ask the one with electrician operation permit.
              b)The power-line voltage of this equipment should conform to the nameplate power supply voltage.
              c)Not put exploder near the product in case of fire.
              d)After connect the power, adjust the temperature to a place you need. When the temperature gets to the adjusted temperature, the heat tube stops to heat. When it falls a little, temperature controller connects to the power automatically and the heat tube continues to heat up. So, the heat board can be controlled in a range of temperature you set.
              4.Electrical Principle Diagram
              5.Transport & Keeping
              During transport, the products are turning products, so carefully and lightly set them to avoid strenuous vibration. Generally, the wrapped products can not be stored in the open for a long time; you should store them in well-ventilated storehouse where there is no corrosive gas. No inversion .when it needs temporary to deposit, you should adopt water-resistant measures.
              6.Clean & Maintain
              ?When clean and maintain it, cut off the power to avoid accident.
              ?Every time after using it, you can clean the surface of the stove and the stretched wire with wet washcloth, which is without corrosive cleanser.
              Warm: No use the spray pipe to clean it for fear damage its electric function and bring creepage accident.
              7. Guarantee Clauses: the product will be maintained for life.
              A.The term of validity for "three guarantee" is: six monthsB.The acknowledgement on the term of validity for "three guarantee": calculating it from the day of sale, deduct the day of delay ,which results from the repair or without accessories .If the last day of the term of validity is a legal holiday, take the next day of the holiday as the last day of the term of validity.
              C.Belong to one of the following circumstances,  practice reasonable charge for repair:
              a)More than the term of validity
              b)Have no voucher and note of the term of validity, except those who can prove in the day of the term of validity.
              c)The content of the voucher do not tally with the product sign or it has been altered.
              d)Not use the product according to the instruction of usage and maintenance, which result in the damagee)The damage from the force majeure
              f)The parts being the substitutes of maintain all belong to our factory.
              g)About the product fault, my plant will not compensate for other obligation which is out of the guarantee.
              (The modification of the instruction, please forgive not to notice.)Note:
              This product is a high power equipment, need to install a separate leakage protection device, so no power connection.
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